Project board set up


The Strand Aldwych Joint Project Board was set up and its first meeting was held in May 2017.  The Board is comprised of representatives from the project’s diverse group of stakeholders and its purpose is to provide strategic oversight for the project to achieve the agreed vision of creating a global-scale creative and thinking quarter in London. The Joint Project Board is chaired by the Chief Executive of Somerset House. Secretariat is provided by the Northbank BID. The remit of the board is advisory, specifically to: 

  • Provide strategic oversight and agree objectives and outcomes; 
  • Agree the programme for the project and any significant changes to key milestones; 
  • Endorse decisions on surface transport proposals and agree the strategy for their implementation; 
  • Advise on funding issues for the delivery of the project; 
  • Resolve issues as needed; 
  • Align communications and key messaging relating to the project; 
  • Provide oversight on possible impact and interrelationship with other relevant projects; and 
  • Align the strategic plans and processes of their respective organisations for the achievementof agreed project outcomes;