July 2018

The concept for the Strand Aldwych project was agreed in July 2018, which forms the basis for the consultation in January 2019. This marks the completion of the first stage of the project and is representative of an overall concept for the area. 

The following stages of the project will focus on testing and detailing the concept, taking on board comments and feedback received at the feasibility stage.

Download Public Realm Concept Download Traffic Scheme Summary


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21 March 2018

Visioning workshop held with stakeholder groups

The design process for the public space at Strand Aldwych was initiated with visioning workshops which were attended by the various stakeholder groups and the creative community in the area in April. The purpose of these workshops was to establish design principles for the look and feel of the public space and explore activities that could take place in the space.



26 April 2018

Public realm design options discussed

The design principles and direction established in the Visioning Workshops were used to create three distinct design options for the public space at Strand - Aldwych. These were presented to the various stakeholder groups to gather reactions and feedback.

The three options explored the look and feel of the space, the ratio of hard to soft, permanence and temporary overlays and ways in which the space can be used and occupied by people visiting the area.​ 


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17 May 2018

Public realm concept agreed with stakeholder groups

The feedback on the three design workshops indicated a spatial preference for the concepts demonstrated in Options 1 and 2 in the Options workshop. It also established components of all three options that would be desirable on the site.

All of this feedback was consolidated to create the preferred design - which is a hybrid of Option 1 and Option 2 and brings desirable components from all three workshops.

The preferred design was presented to all stakeholder groups on 17 May 2018 and was well received.

June 2018

Consolidation with wider project team

The landscape design team consolidated feedback from the preferred design option and the design was taken through checks with the engineering team. The design team then addressed all comments from the stakeholder groups, engineering teams and WCC officers to update the concept design, produce the RIBA Stage 2 report and provide updated cost calculations. These will form the basis of future work at RIBA Stage 3.