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Construction Update


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Westminster City Council have begun delivering public realm improvements in the Strand Aldwych area. Works started on the 4th January 2021 and will finish in late 2022.

The Strand Aldwych project will transform this traffic dominated gyratory into a pedestrian-focused destination with strong links to the surrounding districts. The new public realm will balance the needs of the everyday for the local community with a world-class scheme. The vision is for the area to become a global creative and cultural quarter which will be an international beacon for creativity, enterprise and learning.

The leaflet below provides further information.


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The project will be completed in phases. The phasing plan below shows the current programme of works.

Phasing Plan

The drawing below shows the general arrangement [GA] for the scheme.

General Arrangement



What is the Strand Aldwych Scheme? 

The Strand Aldwych Scheme will transform this location from a polluted, traffic dominated gyratory to a pedestrian focused destination with strong links to the surrounding districts. The new public realm will balance the needs of the everyday for the local community with a world-class scheme.


What is the vision of the scheme? 

The vision is for the area to become a global creative and cultural quarter which will be an international beacon for creativity, enterprise and learning.


What are the objectives and benefits of the scheme? 

The scheme aims to:  

  • Improve the public realm – Creating an attractive public space on the Strand and a better pedestrian experience on Aldwych
  • Improve air quality – Addressing air quality across the whole project area, reducing traffic in some areas, mitigating the effects of traffic in other areas and working with partners to influence, lobby and explore opportunities for positive change
  • Improve links for walking and cycling – Providing better connections to the surrounding areas and improving safety for 14 million people who visit each year
  • Support the area’s economy – Enhancing its vibrancy, productivity and creativity by celebrating its unique character.
  • Support culture, education and innovation – Creating opportunities to showcase the area’s wealth of cultural and educational talent and encouraging opportunities for collaboration
  • Provide better movement of traffic – Improved journey times and safety for many routes by removing the gyratory, having two-way traffic in Aldwych and removing it from part of Strand


What is the Arundel Court scheme? 

Westminster City Council are also delivering public realm improvement works around the Arundel Court development (between Arundel St, Surrey St and Temple Place). Both schemes will be built in a coordinated approach. The Arundel Court scheme will include lighting and footway enhancements, relocated pedestrian crossing facilities, flow of traffic in the area will be improved by reversing the one way system on Surrey Street and introduction of drop-off bays at the new hotel frontage on Temple Place. The scheme will incorporate natural stone throughout the footways and additional trees will be planted.

Arundel Court website


When will the works begin? 

Works will begin on the 4th of January. 


How long will the work take to complete? 

Works will last approximately 24 months, with estimated completion in late July 2022. 


What will be the standard working days and hours? 

Westminster City Council’s Service Provider, FM Conway, will follow working practices that are safe and efficient and in line with COVID-19 guidelines. Standard working hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, and 08:00 to 13:00 on Saturday. Noise will be minimised where possible.


How will this scheme affect my property? 

Please read carefully if your property is within the works area. The basement / vault to your property is a separate structure from the public highway and keeping it in a watertight condition is the responsibility of the owner or freeholder. If the vault / basement has not been properly damp proofed and / or tanked it is not secure from water ingress. Please be advised that neither the Service Provider or the City Council will be responsible for any damage resulting from water ingress in such circumstances.


Will there be any footway closures? 

Pedestrian access to all businesses and buildings will be maintained at all times.


How will the scheme impact on car parking? Will taxis be affected? 

Some local parking and loading suspensions will be required to facilitate the works. These will be kept to a minimum and clearly signed. If you usually park in the vicinity of Savoy St, taxi bay on the south western end of Aldwych, parking on Aldwych just east of Kingsway, around Strand/Arundel junction (arms to the south and west), please look out for suspension notices and then move your vehicle to help ensure the works can be completed as quickly as possible. The Traffic Management Order Consultation showed what will be affected by the scheme. Please subscribe for updates via this link 


How will the scheme impact on vehicle access - Will there be any road closures? 

Yes. Road closures will be notified by email and by on-street signage. Please subscribe for updates via this link 


Why is there no cycle track through the public space?

It is a Pedestrian and Cycle Zone, and cycling is permitted. Cycle parking has been provided.


Would traffic levels be impacted in Aldwych after the switch? Why haven’t we allowed for segregated cycle facilities in Aldwych in line with LTN1/20?

This has been explored and would require traffic reduction to implement without resulting in increases to bus journey times and/or general traffic reassignment to non-strategic roads. It has always been WCC’s intention to review the cycle facilities provided if traffic flows were to change in the future. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that other measures can be implemented with lower traffic flows. If traffic flows remain lower than pre-Covid levels, the opportunity to install cycle facilities will be explored at the earliest appropriate opportunity.


Will trees be impacted?

London Plane Trees - The scheme will maintain the line of London Planes at either side of Aldwych and in Strand, however some trees need to be removed to make room for new signalised junction crossings and other elements of the scheme.

Following advice from Westminster City Council's own Arboriculturalists, those trees will be replaced with a higher number of new trees that will be planted in the Autumn. Overall 8 trees will be removed and 32 will be re-planted. 

Our tree removal contractor will come to site on Saturday 9th January and Saturday 16th January.


How would the scheme impact on emergency vehicle access?

We work closely with the emergency services to ensure they are not affected.


Who is managing / running this scheme?

The Place Shaping team at Westminster City Council.

The Council appointed a project team led by term contractors FM Conway with traffic advice from Norman Rourke Pryme (NRP) and engineering input from WSP. The project team built upon the work set out by Northbank BID through its vision for Aldwych by Publica.


How can I keep updated with the scheme? 

Please subscribe to our weekly email updates. Emails will be sent weekly. 

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Consultation report for the 2nd Public consultation “2020 Consultation Statutory Traffic Management Order Consultation Full Report


Consultation report for the 1st Public consultation “Strand Aldwych Consultation: Consultation Response Report May 2019” 

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