strand cyclist route

Strand Aldwych Cycle Routes

The scheme designs are at concept stage at the moment, and so there are not any detailed junction proposals or drawings that are available for comment as part of this consultation. The consultation material describes design principles on which the team would welcome comments, and this includes aspects of cycling provision. More detailed designs will be developed for the further consultation we are planning for later in the year.

In terms of the route through the public space on Strand, we believe that this will not be a key commuter route for cyclists and so it is not proposed to be designed as such. For this reason, we propose a Pedestrian and Cyclist Zone accessed at each end using a shared use footway. This means that cyclists will be permitted to cycle into and through the area, but priority will be for pedestrians. Cyclists will need to cycle with care, and so may find it more comfortable to dismount and walk with their bike.

This same principle is to be applied at the signal controlled crossings each end of Strand (at Aldwych/Lancaster Place and Aldwych/Arundel Street junctions). The potential interaction between pedestrians and cyclists, especially during busy periods of the day, will mean that it might be more convenient and comfortable for cyclists to dismount and walk with their bike over the crossings. Nevertheless, we intend to provide TOUCAN crossings (at the locations shown on Figure 4.5), with associated shared use footways, to facilitate fully accessible cycle routes.


Figure 4.5

Figure 4.5 proposed cycle routes through Strand public space